Momentum Programme

Support aimed at recently graduated students and finalists from higher education institutions who received social support during the time they were studying and, at the end of their studies, wish to develop their business idea but whom do not have the financial conditions to focus entirely on the creation of their start-up.

The idea was tested in 2015 by Startup Lisboa, and Startup Momentum is now being implemented on a national scale by Startup Portugal in partnership with ANJE and with support from Movijovem.

Submissions are now closed.

The results were announced during the month of March 2017 and the winners were:

 Rui Martins (Feet IT) 

Incubated: Incubadora da Universidade de Aveiro

Ana Catarina Miranda (Meal Healthy App)

Incubated:  Healthcare City

Tiago Videira (Green 2 Feed)

Incubated:  Tec Labs

Victor Marçal (VRSSP)

Incubated:  Startup Braga

Bernardo Gonçalves (Pólis)

Incubated:  Vodafone Power Labs