Entrepreneurship in Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in talent and diversity. The public investments made in the past decade in education, infrastructures and technology pave the way for those wanting to start or invest in a new business.

With one of the most vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystems in Europe, Portugal is a top destination to create, test, fail fast and try again.



Road 2 Web Summit - The Best of Portuguese Tech

With Web Summit taking place in Lisbon, the largest global event in the area of entrepreneurship and technology, the aim is to bolster entrepreneurship by promoting and supporting projects that stand out in Portugal for their innovative potential, ensuring them facilitated access to the event and the chance to interact with the greatest conference about tech and entrepreneurship in the world.

The competition will take place on 21st September. 


Momentum Programme

Support aimed at recently graduated students and finalists from Higher Education Institutions who received social support during their course and, at the end of their studies, wish to develop their business idea but whom do not have the financial conditions to focus entirely on the creation of their start-up. The idea was tested in 2015 by Startup Lisboa, which is now implementing the Momentum Programme on a national scale.

Submissions run until 25th October.



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Portugal Ventures is a Venture Capital Firm focused on innovative, scientific and technology-based companies, as well as on export-oriented companies from the more traditional Portuguese Tourism and Industrial sectors. 

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