______ About R2WS

Road2WebSummit (R2WS) is a joint programme from Startup Portugal and the Web Summit, designed to help Portuguese startups make the most out of the biggest tech event in the world.

In 2016, 66 startups went through the program. In 2017, 150 startups did. In 2018, it will benefit 200 Portuguese startups, who will get a 50% discount on any Alpha Startup Package and free training to prepare entrepreneurs for Web Summit.

The 50% discount will impact the price of Alpha tickets at the time a startup applies to R2WS and the offer will be backdated. All confirmed attending startups will be announced in September.

To access the benefits, startups must qualify trough Web Summit application process, starting May 24th. The sooner they apply, the higher their chances to be supported by R2WS program, and they cannot apply later than 30 July.

To be eligible, startups must be registered to pay VAT in Portugal.

______ The R2WS bootcamps

The Web Summit is actually more than 20 summits, and growing bigger every year! Dozens of stages, thousands of investors and journalists, an incredible concentration of CEO and founders. The best content & contacts is easy to miss - unless you prepare!

By wining the R2WS, two team members of each startup gain free access to a two-day intensive bootcamp, organised by Startup Portugal in partnership with AICEP (trade & investment agency) and Beta-i. Training happens in Lisbon and Porto, next October. Content includes what to expect from the Web Summit, how to navigate the app, how to approach investors, which goals to set for the event, how to pitch accordingly or how to come out of that week alive - all the hacks and lessons you need to make the Web Summit count for your company.

In 2018, bootcamps will also have a number of seats available to Portuguese major corporates who wish to train their teams for Web Summit. Getting some B2B contact with startups is a plus from attending these bootcamps.

_______ Roadshow R2WS

Starting 24 May 2018, Startup Portugal will be touring the country on a roadshow with speakers from Startup Portugal and the Web Summit team, with startup founders who pitched to investors on stage and exhibited at previous editions oWeb Summit and other inspiring speakers, such as Simon Schaefer, CEO of Startup Portugal, and the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral.


These events are free to attend and provide networking opportunities.
Check out Startup Portugal’s facebook page for next dates, locations and speakers!