______ About Road 2 Web Summit

Road2WebSummit (R2WS) is a joint programme from Startup Portugal and the Web Summit, designed to help Portuguese startups make the most out of the biggest tech event in the world.

In 2016, 66 startups went through the program. In 2017, 150 startups did. In 2018, it will benefit 200 Portuguese startups, who will get a 50% discount on any Alpha Startup Package and free training to prepare entrepreneurs for Web Summit.

The 50% discount will impact the price of Alpha tickets at the time a startup applies to R2WS and the offer will be backdated. All confirmed attending startups will be announced in October.

To access the benefits, startups must qualify trough Web Summit application process, starting May 24th. The sooner they apply, the higher their chances to be supported by R2WS program, and they cannot apply later than September 30th.

To be eligible, startups must be registered to pay VAT in Portugal.

______ The R2WS bootcamps

The Web Summit is actually more than 20 summits, and growing bigger every year! Dozens of stages, thousands of investors and journalists, an incredible concentration of CEO and founders. The best content & contacts is easy to miss - unless you prepare!

By wining the R2WS, two team members of each startup gain free access to a two-day intensive bootcamp, organised by Startup Portugal in partnership with AICEP (trade & investment agency) and Beta-i. Training happens 17th and 18th of October in Lisbon and 23rd and 24th of October in Porto. Content includes what to expect from the Web Summit, how to navigate the app, how to approach investors, which goals to set for the event, how to pitch accordingly or how to come out of that week alive - all the hacks and lessons you need to make the Web Summit count for your company.

In 2018, bootcamps will also have a number of seats available to Portuguese major corporates who wish to train their teams for Web Summit. Getting some B2B contact with startups is a plus from attending these bootcamps.

_______ Roadshow R2WS

Starting 24 May 2018, Startup Portugal will be touring the country on a roadshow with speakers from Startup Portugal and the Web Summit team, with startup founders who pitched to investors on stage and exhibited at previous editions oWeb Summit and other inspiring speakers, such as Simon Schaefer, CEO of Startup Portugal, and the Portuguese Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

These events are free to attend and provide networking opportunities.
Check out Startup Portugal’s facebook page for next dates, locations and speakers!


_______ Road 2 Web Summit Startups

20tree.ai - 20tree.ai
40 PÉS - 40pes.pt
4DEVCODING - 4dev.pt
AddaptSoft - parks.addaptsoft.com
Adsyeah - adsyeah.com
Agriw - agriw.pt
APPURO - appuro.com
Audiowiki.org -
Azitek - azitek.io
B2Cloud - b2cloudev.com
Bandora Systems, lda - bandorasystems.com
BBox Sports - bboxsports.com
Be Outdare - beoutdare.com
Betmarkets - betmarkets.io
Biklio - biklio.com
Biskat - biskat.pt
Bityond - bityond.com
Bravuz Interactiv.e.motion - bravuz.com
buildtoo - buildtoo.com
Buy A Part - bap-invest.fr
Cardio-on - cardio-on.com
CargonetOnline - cargonetonline.com
Casefier - casefier.com
Chromatikborn UNIPESSOAL, Lda - bizturi.com
CityGuru - thecityguru.com
Closum - closum.com
Cloverstack - cloverstack.co
Clynx - www.clynx.io
codevision - codevision.pt
CookerPan - cookerpan.com
Critec - critec.pt
DARA - dara.trade
Diga - diga.co.za
DreamShaper - dreamshaper.com
Easy Accounting - truust.co
EasyAim - easyaimsimulator.com
Ecokart Portugal - ecokartportugal.pt
Elecctro - elecctro.com
Emberlow - emberlow.com
Emitu - emitu.com
EmotAI - emotai.gg
Enging-Make Solutions Lda - enging.pt
Enumbra - enumbra.org
eupago - eupago.pt
EXPLORE-IT - exploreit-world.com
EYESO - eyeso.co
Faniak - faniak.com
FarmCloud - farmcloud.io
Fast and Serious - fastserious.pt
Fixando - fixando.pt
Fractal Mind - fractalmind.pt
FrameLink - framelink.co
Gamma Flow - gamma-flow.com
Giant Leap - careers.vivapets.com
Global For You - global-foryou.com
Globestamp - globestamp.com
Goin - goin.events
GoParity - goparity.com
GOVWISE - govwise.biz
HeadExam - headexam.eu
Horizon 47 - horizon47.com
Houzkeys - houzkeys.com
Humans that Make - humansthatmake.com
Hypnotic Digital Agency - hypnotic.pt
Icontrends - Keep Warranty - icontrends.com
IMP - morphingportals.com
InoCrowd - inocrowd.com
Inovaworks Command & Control - inovaworks.com
Inspire IT - inspireit.pt
Invisible Collector - invisiblecollector.com
IOTECH - Innovation on Technology - iotech.pt
Kiss my Score - kissmyscore.com
Koala Rest - koalarest.com
Koonnect - koonnect.com
LADsensors -
LALADOC - laladoc.com
Last2ticket - last2ticket.com
Lavaimagem Web & Brands Agency - lavaimagem.com
Legal Vision - legalvision.fr
Libretrend - libretrend.com
Liiiving - liiiving.pt
Linkmyplace - linkmyplace.com
Lipowise - lipowise.com
Lisdesigners, Lda - uneed.services
Luminara Blockchain - luminara1.io
Luvhotels - luvotels.com
Luxulo - luxulo.store
Lymphact - lymphact.com
Mad4ideas - mad4ideas.com
Magik Book - magikbook.com
MAKER TOOLBOX - theinventors.io
MakeWise - checkpoint.vision
Mapidea Location Intelligence - mapidea.co
Mapify - mapify.ai
MatchPlace - matchplace.com
Mealzer - mealzer.com
MedLive - medlive.pt
Memogadget - fotos360.pt
Milage Learn+ - milage.ualg.pt
Mindflow - mindflow.pt
MobiQueue - mobiqueueapp.com
Moot - The Movement Lab - mootmovementlab.com
MOSANO - mosano.eu
Motivos e Memórias Unipessoal Lda - verdenovo.pt
Mredis - logyourmessage.com
Muarts - muarts.tech
Mundo Bags Transporte de Bagagens Unipessoal Lda - mundo-bags.pt
Muuv - muuv.pt
My Data Manager - mydatamanager.eu
My Greener Trip - mygreenertrip.com
myPolis - mypolis.eu
nanet.pt - nanet.pt
NAU mobi - nau.mobi
nBanks - nbanks.info
Nearsoft Solutions - nearsoftsolutions.com
Netinvoice - netinvoice.pt
Next Reality - nextreality.com
NextBITT - nextbitt.com
Nimest - nimest.co
Nomad Realtors - nomadrealtors.com
Oak Peak Business Services Lda - oakpeak.net
Obvious Elegance - obviel.pt
OnMindIn - onmindin.com
Optishower - optishower.com
outCOme - Clínica Organizacional, lda. - outcome.pt
OyO - Organize You Office - oyo.pt
PagaTudo - pagatudo.com
Parcela Já - parcelaja.pt
Peerspots - peerspots.com
PetDule - Your Pet Schedule & Market - petdule.com
PHPblocks - phpblocks.io
PIPA APS - programapipa.pt
PixyApp - pixyapp.pt
Places Mobile App - www.placesmobileapp.com
Planetiers - planetiers.com
Pluralo - pluralo.com
powerupp - powerupp.co
Probe.ly - probely.com
QART , LDA - qart.pt
Rangel - rangel.com
Ready2Start - get.ready2start.co
RealFevr - realfevr.com
Reckon.ai - reckon.ai
Redcatpig Studio - redcatpig.com
ReLease - fleetdata.com
Rentlovers - rentlovers.pt
Revealer - revealer.launchrock.com
Rotacional dispositivos electronics Lda - rotacional.com
Running-Photos - running-photos.com
Sana People Management Software - sanapss.com
Saveit - saveit.quay.com.pt
School 4.0 - school40.com
Serviço de Angariação Múltipla - MLS - sam-mls.com
Sherlock - onefinestay.com
SHLOKLABS - shloklabs.com
Sitvarius - sitvarius.pt
Skoach - skoach.com
SlashWeb - slashweb.co
Smart Business Modeler - smartbusinessmodeler.com
SmartTrips - smarttrips.io
SNOWPASS - snowpass.com
Spindots - spindots.com
Springkode Ltd - springkode.com
Stand Clear Lda. - standclear.net
Statful - statful.com
STORESACE, LDA - storesace.com
Stray Boots - strayboots.com
StudentFox - studentfox.com
Swonnk - Swonnk.com
TalentSeed LDA - talentseed.pt
Techwelf - techwelf.com
The City Concierge - thecityconcierge.co
The Guardians of Alentejo - meettheguardians.com
The Virtual Forge - thevirtualforge.com
TourScanner - tourscanner.co
Triad Health AI - triadhealthai.com
Two Impulse/Robo - twoimpulse.com
Twoosk - twoosk.com
uFOOD - ufood.eu
Umniverse - umniverse.com
United Channels - unitedchanels.net
Uno Digital - unodigital.io
UPSTREAM-Valorização do Território Lda - upstream-portugal.pt
Viva Superstars - vivasuperstars.com
voxelscope - voxelscope.org
WalliD - wallid.io
webDisplay - webdisplay.pt
Webincode - webincode.com
WeBuzz - webuzz.com.pt
WeDoPharma - wedopharma.pt
Wegho - wegho.com
Wisetime Consulting - wisetime.pt
WISEWARE - wisewaresolutions.com
Workify Me - workifyme.com.pt
XD People, Lda - xdsoftware.pt
Yourdata Analytics Lda - dataflow.yourdata.ai