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It doesn't matter where the startup is located, whether it's in Covilhã, Fundão, Lisbon, Porto or Algarve. The important thing to take into account is to contact Startup Portugal. It is important to make yourself known and to know the various available mechanisms because today there are many. It is essential to speak with Startup Portugal and the entire ecosystem to be able to grow.

Luís de Matos

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If you’re looking to expand your market to Europe, Portugal is a great gateway because it has several accelerator programs and incentives that you can look for. I think the startup community knows they can count on Startup Portugal and that smooths out the process of moving and growing here.

Fernando Padovan


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We have always recommended Startup Portugal to many of our friends and colleagues who often need contacts and help to enter the national market. I believe that not only us, EatTasty, but the whole ecosystem of entrepreneurship in Portugal is the result of the work that has been done by Startup Portugal.

Rui Costa


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Everything that Startup Portugal has been doing for the entrepreneurial system in Portugal influences us and other entrepreneurs which ends up benefiting us directly or indirectly.

João Borges


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I have been suggesting to entrepreneurs to reach out to Startup Portugal. Not only those who are starting out, but also those who have become stagnant in their growth. I often tell them that it is a big opportunity to contact Startup Portugal because, in fact, it can change the company's history.

Carlos Magalhães


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More than the program itself, the fact that Startup Portugal knows us and knows what we are doing, makes it possible for them, who in their daily life get in touch with so many national and international actors, to know what we are looking for and do some matches in a very informal way. And so, I strongly recommend getting closer to the entity that is Startup Portugal.

Bruno Santos Amaro

Vawlt Technologies

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