Above & Beyond Hangouts

Hosted by Startup Portugal every last Wednesday of the month, at Ferroviário (Lisboa) and UPTEC Baixa (Porto), this hangout for the entrepreneurial community aims to gather all ecosystem players to discuss the community’s challenges.

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On the last Wednesday of each month, join our Hangouts in:

  • Lisboa: Ferroviário (Rua de Santa Apolónia 59, 1100-468 Lisboa)
  • Porto: UPTEC Baixa (Praça do Cel. Pacheco 2, 4050-453 Porto)
  • Remotely!
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#30 | Summer PITCH!

July 31


Get ready to splash into the summer vibes and join us for an afternoon of sun and startup pitches. Don’t miss out on this chance to network, learn, and soak up the summer spirit!


HEADS UP: This Hangout, in Porto, will exceptionally take place at Edifício Transparente (Via do Castelo do Queijo 395, 4100-429 Porto).

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#29 | Smart TOURISM: Tech-Driven Strategies for Efficiency

June 26


Pack your bags and get your First Class tickets for this session, where we’ll explore how technology and innovative practices are revolutionizing tourism management.

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#28 | Growing Together: the Role of INCUBATION

May 29

We’re bringing together key players from the startup ecosystem to explore how incubators serve as catalysts for growth, innovation, and success.

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#27 | From SIM Circuit to SIM Conference

April 24

Our SIM Circuit toured the whole country promoting the national entrepreneurial ecosystem. Now, the SIM Conference (May 2 to 4) will bring together entrepreneurs, startups and national and international investors in Porto.

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#26 | To The Next Level: The Future of GAMING

March 27

In this session, join us for an insightful exploration of what lies ahead in the world of Gaming.

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#25 | How do we measure IMPACT?

February 28

Join us as we discuss the theme of “Impact” in the ecosystem, exploring the crucial aspects of measuring social and environmental impact.

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#24 | DIGITAL MARKETS ACT: What It Means for Startups and Scaleups

January 31

We’ll be decoding the Digital Markets Act! Join us as we explore its impact and potential for startups and scaleups.

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December 20

Christmas time is upon us, and Santa Claus is coming to the startup world!

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#22 | Diving into the depths of DEEP LEARNING

November 29

What is Deep Learning? Join the conversation to delve into the depths of Deep Learning and Machine Learning!

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#21 | Destination: WEB SUMMIT!

October 25

Join the conversation to learn the best tips from the Web Summit team, Investors, and Corporations on how to make the most out of the conference.

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#20 | CREATECH: cross innovation in creative and cultural industries

September 27

Join us for an exciting exploration of the intersection of technology, creativity, and innovation.

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