Road 2 Web Summit

For startups Internationalization

The R2WS is a program organised by Startup Portugal and Web Summit that selects the best young startups to represent Portugal at the biggest tech event in the world. To support this participation it also provides intensive preparation in a 2 day Bootcamp that includes topics such as how to navigate the app and how the event will work, how to approach investors, which goals to set for the event or how to pitch accordingly. Currently, in its 6th edition, the program has already supported more than 700 startups.


Apply for the 2022 edition of Road 2 Web Summit to:

  • be part of the group that will represent Portugal at the Web Summit;
  • participate in the bootcamp that will take place in October;
  • get your Alpha Pack for the Web Summit with a 50% discount;
  • be eligible for a full discount in case you’re an afro-descendant, woman, Ukrainian or Impact startup founder*.

*25 Startups within at least one of this criteria will be eligible for free Alpha Packs.


To be eligible, startups and companies must:

  • at a minimum, be launched and live with its own working website.
  • have a developed brand – at minimum, a logo in EPS format.
  • have its own unique software product or solutions, or must be working on its own connected hardware devices.
  • be an independent company and not a subsidiary of a larger organization.
  • have a valid Portuguese VAT (NIPC) number.

Startup Portugal and Web Summit will give priority to startups that have never participated in R2WS.


Disclaimer: Startup Portugal and Web Summit are unable to refund and thus accept in the program companies that have already acquired Alpha program access for Web Summit 2022.

Read the full Terms & Conditions of R2WS 2022.

About Web Summit

In the words of Inc Magazine “Web Summit is the largest technology conference in the world”. Forbes says Web Summit is “the best tech conference on the planet”, Bloomberg calls it “Davos for geeks”, Politico “the Olympics of tech”, and the Guardian “Glastonbury for geeks”.

More about Web Summit at

We spent one year developing the product for drones, namely location, and then at the end of that time we realized that we had to pivot and try to figure out where we could apply our technology. And that is where Web Summit helped us a lot. Receiving all that feedback was very important for us to shift to the product we have now.

José Valente


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The Road 2 Web Summit program helped us meet people with different ideas and that was great. In terms of scalability, participating in the Web Summit is always beneficial for any new company as it helps them reach new markets and customers. From this point of view, it helped us a lot.

Hélder Loio


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Unlike other startups whose goal was to raise investment, for us, Road 2 Web Summit was very useful for marketing and notoriety purposes. We had the opportunity to appear on the news, and I think this had a strong influence from the press office of Startup Portugal. This opened the door for strategic partnerships, some of which we are deepening right now, and that may lead to larger projects or perhaps new shareholders.

Carlos Magalhães


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Vawlt participated in Road 2 Web Summit, promoted by Startup Portugal, which allowed us to access the Web Summit at a reduced cost. Sometimes it seems like an insignificant detail, but in fact, in the life of a startup, it makes a big difference.
But above all, the major advantage we found in attending Road to Web Summit was that we could share it with other national startups and exchange synergies, challenges, different stages, and conversations between us all.

Bruno Santos Amaro

Vawlt Technologies

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Startup Portugal, namely through Road 2 Web Summit, helped us get in touch with international contacts, which led to many crucial opportunities we wouldn’t have reached otherwise. In that sense, it undoubtedly helped us.

Joana Pinto & Gonçalo Chambel


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