Start Now, Cry Later

Community Ecosystem Entrepreneurs

Powered by Startup Portugal and created alongside Inspiring Future, this program aims to inspire young people towards entrepreneurship, visiting 12 different Higher Education Institutions across Portugal.

Did you know that…


… the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem pays salaries 63% higher than the national average?
… there are more than 4.000 startups and 120 incubators in Portugal?
… Portugal has several programs to support entrepreneurs and startups?
… if you’re thinking of creating your own startup, Startup Portugal can help you find co-founders, programs, funding and useful information to make your project a success?
… the ecosystem isn’t just made up of CEOs and founders of startups? It’s an agile and dynamic environment that needs professionals from all areas!



The Startup Portugal Masterclass
will teach you this and much more!

– What is a startup, what is a unicorn and what does an entrepreneur do?
– What is Venture Capital and how do they invest in startups?
– Why has Portugal stood out as an innovation and technology hub in Europe and the world?
– How can you change your future and become an entrepreneur?
– Practical learning with cases of success and failure of startups, told by experienced founders.