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Samba… de Janeiro! 31 Portuguese startups in Web Summit Rio

Samba… de Janeiro! 31 Portuguese startups in Web Summit Rio

Web Summit Rio will host a total of 31 Portuguese startups. The second edition of the Web Summit’s sister event will take place in Rio de Janeiro from April 15 to 18 and will be attended by a Portuguese delegation of 31 startups supported by Startup Portugal, in collaboration with the municipality of Lisbon, 12 of which are taking part in the conference as part of the Business Abroad initiative.

These 12 startups have already raised investment from venture capital and business angels totaling more than 13 million euros and employ more than 260 people.


Between Software Solutions, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, the ecosystem that will represent Portugal at one of the largest technology conferences in South America is characterized by its diversity. Startup Portugal‘s Business Abroad Program delegation is made up of:

  • – Startup that simplifies the recruitment process by connecting the best non-tech talent with leading tech companies through the curation of a non-tech talent marketplace.
  • Biometrid – has developed a low-code center for ID verification, customer onboarding and authentication to be used in all industries.
  • Frontfiles – B2B marketplace that directly connects content buyers with content creators around the world.
  • – Solution that uses smart sensors and advanced data analysis to adapt to climate change.
  • InAppStory – Customer engagement platform through “Stories” and in-app gamification.
  • Infinite Foundry – Industrial metaverse platform that combines 3D digital twin and virtual sensors to track and optimize operations in real-time.
  • Interpretica – Program analysis solution that understands the client’s software architecture and supply chain and finds problems that could become vulnerabilities.
  • Marvin AI – Artificial Intelligence platform for automatically generating presentations and reports based on generative AI and “large language models”.
  • Naoris Protocol – Startup that, through Blockchain and swarm AI, turns vulnerable devices into reliable points of defense.
  • Modatta – Modatta is a decentralized marketplace where companies can pay users directly for the consent to use their data.
  • Surf Eye – Startup providing an AI-powered camera network that automatically records all the waves at the best surf spots and wave pools around the world.
  • uBits Capital – Advanced asset tokenization platform, focusing on crypto investments and DeFi solutions in international markets.


Pre-Conference Session: “Doing Business in Brazil”

On the first day of the conference, April 15th, the Portuguese delegation will meet with local stakeholders at an event organized by the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro, in collaboration with Startup Portugal, Lisbon Unicorn Capital, in a morning with several sessions on legal and fiscal processes and business opportunities in the country.

This session will be attended by Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro; Gabriela Soares, Consul General of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro; António Dias Martins, Executive Director of Startup Portugal; Luís Rebelo de Sousa, Executive Director of AICEP; Artur Pereira, VP, Country Manager Portugal & Brazil at the Web Summit; and Isabel Advirta, head of the Employment, Entrepreneurship and Companies department, among other local entities linked to entrepreneurship and innovation.


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Startup Portugal Team • April 12, 2024