Start Now. Cry Later

Leading an electric fleet

With Jane Hoffer, CEO of GoWithFlow

Jane Hoffer believes companies’ successes are the direct result of a leader’s ability to mentor and develop their people. Through care for the teams and attention to evolving the supporting operating environment, Jane creates the foundation for success. As CEO, Jane Hoffer has started and led companies through the stages of founding, growth, acquisition and public company exit (Prescient). In the roles of President, COO, and CBO (Chief Business Officer), Jane has complemented the CEO and their leadership teams. She has partnered to grow teams, raise capital ($80+million), improve operational efficiencies, penetrate new and existing markets and position for the next phase of business (littleBits, Heartwork, Veniam). In 2019, she decided to move to Portugal and start her most recently venture: to be the leader and CEO of GoWithFlow.