Start Now. Cry Later

Smooth riding

With Pedro Andrade, Hunter Boards co-founder and CEO

With a unique suspension system in the world, Hunter Boards electric skateboards can go farther and faster without the discomfort of floor vibration. Recognized by specialist publications such as Input magazine or generalist The Verge, the Hunter Boards project was named by Time as one of the best ideas of 2020. However, Pedro Andrade debuted on the "30 under 30" list from Forbes magazine a few weeks ago. From the long list, completed day after day, to entering a market currently valued at two billion dollars to the prototype, now produced at the Carregado factory, took a few months. The first 50 units produced should soon reach their owners. The majority of skateboards sold will reach the US (74%) but also customers in the UK (6%), Australia (6%), Sweden (4%), Norway (2%), Russia (2%), and Portugal (2%).